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aBOUT The Club

 Students should join the rifle club if they would like to be a part of an individual sport with a team aspect to it. Students who join the rifle club will meet people outside of their floor, cohort, and major, while also bonding on a similar interest. The rifle team offers internal competitiveness that promotes growth and a stronger team bond, while also educating students on firearm usage and safety.  We compete in the Mid-Atlantic Rifle Conference

Meet our Coach

Jared Westhoven

I graduated from Canisius College in 2019 and spent all four years of undergrad on the rifle team here. Starting with zero experience, I was able to get to a competitive level and qualify for the national competition all four years. Being a part of this team helped me become more disciplined and more driven through my college years. I was able to compete against, network with, and travel to other colleges with this team. After growing my score and improving my skills, I graduated from the team and began coaching alongside Coach Clark and Coach Beyer who trained me in the years prior. Now I can take the obstacles I found, the tips and tricks that helped me, and the drive and excitement I picked up, to help improve, educate, and train new teammates on the Canisius College Rifle Team. 

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